photo by Beth Kanter on flickr
photo by Beth Kanter on flickr

Hello! I’ve got an essay up over at themanifeststation.net. It’s called “Home.” Yes, it’s another excerpt from The Saltwater Twin. Take a look, share, let me know what you think…

I didn’t want to want a boyfriend, let alone a husband. I wanted to be all, a woman needs a man like a fish, bicycle, blahblahblah. But I wasn’t. And I did. It bothered me. I mistrusted it like I mistrusted wanting to be model thin–something suburban girls learn early on they’re supposed to want. I didn’t idealize marriage. I didn’t think it was the answer to all my problems. And though I scoffed at romantic comedies, I secretly longed for someone to forsake all others and choose me. And buying a condo suddenly brought it all home. I was on my own. This was life. It was happening now. It wasn’t about to start. I was in the thick of it. And I was alone.

Read the rest here.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Love your piece, Maia. Especially the part about Charles and Diana’s wedding. Such an event. My parents had gone to England that year and brought back souvenir mugs and cookie tins as if they had been invited guests. Everyone wanted a piece of the fairy tale, I guess. Wanted to be touched by it in any way possible.


  2. thanks for posting this story–I loved visualizing you and your sisters and mom on the pastel couch (& loveseat) drinking Swiss Miss, while the Wedding of the Century continues…on the TV. Details in your essays are so accessible and add much enjoyment. At least for me.
    Really- I’m looking forward to buying and reading your entire book–meanwhile, keep up the essays. You are an amazing author and woman.


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