pretty fancy

The Saltwater Twin has been nominated for the “Inspiring Blog” and the “One Lovely Blog” awards!

Thank you to Jane, who blogs at In My Mother’s Room: A Memoir, for the nomination. On her own lovely-awarded blog, Jane details what it was like to care for her terminally ill mother during the last year and a half of her life.

With this nomination comes the instruction to share 7 facts about myself and to nominate 15 bloggers whose blogs I enjoy. So here we go.

1. I’m a little bit cocky about my thrift shopping skills.

2. I have finally discovered what all the fuss over yoga is about.

3. I once rescued an ailing bat I found on my back porch. It was cute and terrifying.

4. If there were such a thing as past lives, I think I spent at least one as a sailor.

5. I would like to learn how to surf. And make homemade sushi.

6. Some of my favorite books are Peter Pan, Lolita, Tess of the D’Urbervilles and The Poisonwood Bible.

7. When The Saltwater Twin gets published, I’m buying a fancy dress and throwing a glittering party.

And now for some more interesting, quirky, provocative, mouthwatering, inspiring places to visit:

Thank you, friends. A new post will be on its way soon!


4 thoughts on “pretty fancy

    1. You can just mention my blog on your site…if you want. It’s really a peer recognition, a nice nod to be nominated. So you can post the 7 facts about your wonderful self and then nominate 15 blogs you like, just like I did here.


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