Unrecognized Brownie, circa 1978

unrecognized brownieI’m excited to be heading east tomorrow for the Cuttyhunk Island Writers’ Residency. But this morning, I’m excited to share an essay I wrote on The Rumpus. It’s about friendship, Facebook, loneliness and nostalgia. Have a look if you’re so inclined.

Happy June!

5 thoughts on “Unrecognized Brownie, circa 1978

  1. Nice one, Maia. So sad and so comforting. Hopeful, even. Brought back my short stint in the cub scouts and so much else of my semi-self loathing youth. Apparently we have more in common than I would have guessed. Perhaps all of us in our galaxy in the Milky Way in the universe have more in common than we know.

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  2. Beautiful writing, Maia! The essay brought me to tears. Many of the feelings, fears and hurts you conjured I’ve also shared – you softened my own achy nostalgia with poetic words and potent memories.
    The next time we see one another, let’s eat too much cookie dough and drink a bit too much wine – I hope that will be soon. xoxo

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  3. Maybe just being in the company of one another for long enough does some of the work for us. You are in the tribe, like it or not. You were there with us then, you are here with us now–awkward feelings and all.


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